Your Wallet Won't Hate You For Shopping Here

Your Wallet Won't Hate You For Shopping Here

03/04/2014 Lighting is one of the key ingredients to creating a successful mood at your wedding venue. As one of the most essential components of your wedding, decorative lighting doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of affordable options that can provide you with the perfect ambiance for your wedding on a set budget. There are some tricks that you can keep in mind that will help you make the most of your lighting budget. Your guests will think you spent a fortune on creating the wonderful ambiance!

String Lights and Bulbs

Affordable Lighting Choices

  • Globe String Lights – Perfect for outdoor weddings or other special occasions

  • Paper Lanterns - Provides a soft, warm, and romantic ambiance that is perfect for weddings or other special occasions

  • Paper Star Lights – Unique lighting effect that cascades a pattern on the surrounding area

Budget Lighting Tips

  • Perimeter Lighting – When you want to make an impact on a budget make sure that you pay close attention to the perimeter. If you want to save money, it is better to invest in romantic, soft perimeter lighting and skip the table pinpoint lighting to cut corners if your budget is running out. Our globe string lights are perfect for perimeter lighting.

  • Paper Lighting is affordable – If you are looking to cut down on the lighting costs of your wedding then look into paper lighting such as paper lanterns or paper star lights to save some cash. These beautiful lights are not only affordable; they also offer a warm and romantic ambiance that cannot be recreated.

  • Projector– If you want to decrease the cost of your wedding lighting and have a bare wall, consider using a projector to show off photos of the two of you leading up to your special day. Hand an individual paper lantern or star light in the corners of the room next to the projector to create a beautiful effect that will catch everyone's eye.

Lavender Paper Lanterns

Lavender Paper Lanterns

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White C7 Base Light Strings

White C7 Base Light Strings

$9.95 - $34.95 View details
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