Warm White 12 LED Cube Light

Warm White 12 LED Cube Light
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This LED battery powered "cube light" comes with 12 super efficient LED bulbs. Includes an On/Off switch for easy use. Also includes a 10" flexible cord for hanging. This unit is 1"W x 1"L, it can power all of our paper lanterns or paper star lights. This LED battery powered light is small, so it can fit in many types of lanterns, and it is very durable for multi use. We also sell replacement batteries for these lights. Excellent alternative to our 12 ft. standard power cord, however this LED battery powered light will not provide as much light as the 40 Watt bulb that you'd use in the power cord. 

Bulbs: 12 LED Super Efficient Bulbs (included)

Battery: CR2032 (included)

Cord for Hanging: (included)

Dimensions: 1"W x 1"L

Burn Time: 12+ Hours

Bulb Color: White

Our Single or Double Submersible LED battery lights are an alternative light source for your paper lanterns. 

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