Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Solar-Powered Garden Lights

08/15/2018 Energy-efficiency has become a focal point in the lighting industry. Solar-powered lighting products are the new wave in both sustainability and in convenience. This is a true breakthrough in outdoor lighting technology. We are so happy to introduce our new line of solar-powered garden LED lights!

We have several styles of these new solar-powered lights that we are so proud to debut! Aside from standard fairy lights in warm white and color-changing, we have simple, but eye-catching designs that are just perfect for gardens, entryways or even indoor spaces (close to a window!). Here are a few examples:

Solar Powered Dragonfly String Lights:

Solar Powered Peach Blossom String Lights:

Solar Powered Water Drop String Lights:

Each of these sets have LED lights spaced every 4 inches creating 15' of lights along with a 6' lead. Each set includes a high quality solar powered panel and 8 inch garden spike. Has on/off as well as mode switches to access eight different blinking features. They can continuously work 8-10 hours at night if fully charged. Once the sun is up, they power themselves down and begin charging again.

If you are searching for outdoor lighting products that will help reduce your carbon-footprint Hometown Evolution is your one-stop-shop! We thank you for checking out our latest blog post. Do you have any questions or comments? CONTACT US for more information or if you have any ideas of your own. We also absolutely love to see our customer’s photos of their lighting set-ups! Send some our way and we may feature your garden, patio or even an indoor space in our upcoming revised customer gallery.

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