Solar LED Lights

Solar LED Lights

Solar powered LED light strings are perfect accent lights for use around your home and garden. Solar LED’s are an energy efficient, safe, affordable, and low heat lighting option.  Solar string lights provide the perfect amount of light to guide your guests and highlight garden features without the hassle of running wiring. Illuminate a path or walkaway with 8-10 hours of free electricity each night! 

Our solar lights have a built in daylight sensor and turn on automatically when you need them. All of our solar lights feature 8 modes so you can choose whether to have twinkling lights, solid on, or something flashy. Once you pick the desired mode you can simply set it and forget it. Your new solar lights will turn on night after night at no cost to the environment or your wallet!

 Shipping cost is a flat rate of just $6 per order. FREE Shipping on all orders over $35.

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