Rustic Star Lamp Fun

Rustic Star Lamp Fun

10/25/2018 Our handcrafted Tin Star Lights are one of the very first products we began to offer online!

Our handcrafted Tin Star Lights are one of the very first products we began to offer online to customers all over the world. Inspired by the traditional Moravian star design, tinsmiths in Mexico create our exclusive line of star lamps. Tin Stars have a bohemian, yet-sophisticated look to them and fit with so many different interior and outdoor design patterns. We love sharing these unique products with the world!

With our Ceiling Plate and Chain Sets these stars can be wired to a ceiling fixture and installed as a beautiful lamp. If you have your own vision, that is always encouraged. We ship our wired-up tin star lamps out with an outlet plug and on/off switch, so they can also be plugged-in and used in a lamp wherever you see fit. They are a great product to get creative with.

With so many sources of magic light on the marketplace these days, the sky's the limit once your tin star is hanging in the air. Since they make a fantastic outdoor decoration, we developed some bright ideas for lighting them outdoors while they develop a rustic patina. Our Solar-Powered LED fairy lights can add a magical glowing aura to them!

A few sets of solar-powered fairy lights could be packed inside of a tin star! The small solar panels can hang outside of the star and they will power themselves on once the sun sets. Another stylish bohemian idea is to fill glass jars with our fairy light sets. You could even bring them indoors and create mysterious fairy light terrariums!

The sky's the limit with our stars and bright lights! Have you gotten creative with your Hometown Evolution products? Contact Us! We love to check out the brilliant creativity of our clients and customers.

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