G50 Spiral Edison String Light Sets with Black wire


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G50 Spiral  Edison string light set includes a BLACK C9 Base light string and G50 Spiral Edison 7 watt CLEAR glass light bulbs.

Sockets are spaced every 12 inches, If one bulb burns out the rest stay lit.

Our G50 ZSpiral  Edison, 7 Watt C9 (E17) nickel base light bulbs are 2″ wide by 2.75″ tall.

Heavy Duty 18 gauge SPT-1W outdoor wire (959 watts max).

Manufactured with high quality UL tested wire, plugs and sockets. Long life 3,000 hour Edison light bulbs feature filament

Our 25 foot and 50 foot sets have end to end connectors.

100 Foot sets do not have end to end connectors but can be plugged into one of the smaller sets.

Length of wire from plug to first light bulb is 6 inches, Indoor and outdoor use.

Genuine Hometown Evolution, Inc. Product.

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