E26 Commercial String Light Sets – A15 LED Warm White Light Bulbs


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  • Sockets are spaced every 24 inches, A15 LED Warm White light bulbs are 1 watt each.

  • Our A15, 1 Watt LED E26 base light bulbs are 2.5″ tall by 2″ wide.

  • Manufactured with commercial grade 16 gauge SPT-2 wire

  • Rated for up to 1200 watts (10 amps) total.

  • Average bulb life is 40,000 hours. Nickel base.

  • If one bulb burns out the rest stay lit.

  • Durable heavy-duty light string perfect for permanent outdoor applications

  • PVC socket forms a tight water proof seal, wire is UV Resistant.

  • Our 24 foot, 50 foot and 100 foot sets have end to end connectors.
  • Heavy-duty, E26 base cords also available with our LED S14 Filament style bulbs or higher wattage incandescent light bulbs.

  • Genuine Hometown Evolution, Inc. Product