Paper Star Lights


Whether you are planning an outdoor barbecue bash or an indoor fondue fest, our Paper Star Lights add unique illumination to your gathering. Hang a few from trees or fence posts for outdoor dining under the stars. Suspend a couple from your living room ceiling and admire the glimmer of little lights cast on the walls. Dangle a hanging star light in your favorite window and it will appear to fall from the sky.

Each Paper Star is shipped flat with clear instructions for easy assembly. The folded star expands into a 3 dimensional star approximately 2 feet across. All of our paper stars are handmade in India and are eco-friendly.

Our optional 12 foot White Power Cord with inline on/off switch transforms your paper star into a hanging light. We also include a unique metal light bulb frame which holds the bulb in place. The power cord safely accepts up to a 40 watt light bulb. Going Green? Substitute standard bulb for energy saving compact fluorescent bulb (CFL). 

Shipping cost is a flat rate of just $6 per order. FREE Shipping on all U.S. orders over $75.00.

We ship internationally, please see our customer care page for details.