Our Interior Inspirations

Our Interior Inspirations

10/10/2018 Hometown Evolution is a one-stop-shop for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Our inventory is constantly growing and it runs the gamut from handcrafted Mexican Tin Stars to Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights. We are also at the forefront of energy-efficient decorative lighting. If your outdoor patio spaces are already decked-out with our classic string lighting products, why not give us a shot for your indoor spaces?

An example of Hometown Evolution’s unique indoor lighting styles that we have been providing from the very start are our Glass and Tin Star Lights. The moravian star design has become iconic. We are happy to carry a handcrafted product in a traditional style. The moravian star is the original inspiration behind our company!

Our eco-friendly, handmade Paper Star Lights are another choice for indoor lighting options. If you’re on a tight budget you could still manage to fill your favorite room with colorful, unique lighting! We have more varieties of these stars available than ever. We’re sure to have the perfect fit for your space.

Edsion LED Light Bulbs are a new feature of our catalog that you won’t be able to find anywhere else! These light bulbs are as modern as technology gets, while having a traditional antique-style filament design. They range in size from a standard household bulb to the size of a football! They make fantastic overhead lights with a stunning design.

Designing an indoor space is a great opportunity to express yourself. Lighting is such a crucial, yet often ignored, element of interior design. Make the most out of your spaces with unique and energy-efficient lighting products from Hometown Evolution!

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