Lighting Up Your Event

Lighting Up Your Event

02/19/2019 The most lavish events and a backyard barbecue may not have much in common but they both require planning. The process of arranging a fun atmosphere for your guests can become an opportunity to express your own creativity. We would like to help you create the vibe of your dreams! Hometown Evolution lighting products are the perfect touch for indoor and outdoor parties and events.

Creativity is always the key to setting your event apart. Gatherings are all about making memories with new and old friends. With our unique products we hope to help you and your guests have a time that is unforgettable.

We are in the business of providing products that can transform any space into a party. We are known for our patio string lights and our unique Edison lamps. String Light Sets are easy to set-up and are available in a number of styles. Colorful Globe String Light sets are always a crowd-pleaser. Paper Lanterns are an inexpensive and effective product for your overhead space. Our handmade Paper Star Lanterns look beautiful and sophisticated, especially when they are grouped together!

Our clients and customers have shared so many photos of their brilliant events and parties with us over the years. We would love to see the results of your planning, too! As always, if you have any questions or comments we encourage you to Contact Us. Our service staff is always here in our offices ready to help you plan!

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