Innovative Lighting Technology

Innovative Lighting Technology

01/31/2019 The lighting industry has flourished in the past decade. LED lamps have become as readily available and commonly used as their incandescent counterparts. Though the greatest benefits of these developments are energy-efficiency and a massive reduction in our carbon footprint, these products are gorgeous and convenient for the consumer. We have been delighted to see the progress in our industry. We are proud to share our contributions to the world of cutting-edge lighting!

Outdoor string lighting has always been our specialty. We have had the pleasure of witnessing massive growth and technological innovation in this field. Today we are proud to offer the most sophisticated String Light Sets in the business. Our LED String Light Sets are super-energy-efficient and we have multiple options available. Our Edison String Light Sets are the perfect product if you are searching for an antique style incandescent string light set. They are the traditional and iconic cafe lights!

We also carry a wide variety of Edison Light Bulbs for indoor spaces as well. Though these bulbs are gorgeous and they feature antique-style lantern filaments, our energy efficient LED versions of these bulbs are a new development! LED filaments are exciting for our industry and for our world.

The LED filament is a major breakthrough for the world of lighting. We encourage you to explore our options or reach out to our customer service staff if you have any questions. From historically accurate antique style light bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs; Hometown Evolution has you covered!

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