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I’m Brian Sinowitz, owner of Hometown Evolution, Inc., and this is my story of how it all began 14 years ago!

After a long day at a 9-5 desk job, my wife Eileen and I would sit on the front porch of our old Victorian, in our hometown of West Chester, PA. We'd watch how the busy town evolved each day, and people watching quickly became one way we liked to unwind.  We watched older couples walking their dogs at exactly the same time each day, moms pushing baby strollers while chatting on their cell phones, runners avoiding the upturned bricks on the pathways, and college kids stumbling home on the bricks after a night out on High Street - the evolution was quite literally happening before my eyes.

Night after night I would glance at the multi-colored glass star light that glowed in the vestibule on the front porch of the house.  My wife was so pleased with her purchase and I loved the star light as well.  And that got me thinking….

I had about $500 to invest and chose to buy various products from wholesale vendors to test out my ideas.  My inventory included glass star lights, bright colored paper star lights and sterling silver hand-made in India.  The items were successfully selling on eBay within days and I knew I was onto something.

With our [very basic] website up and running I was able to fulfill orders at night after my 9-5. After one year decided to expand the inventory and ‘retire’ from my full-time job. Additional items for sale included paper lanterns, tin star lights, and globe string lights (which quickly turned into a top seller).  I officially launched Hometown Evolution, Inc. and even welcomed a couple of babies of my own to stroll around the town.

Hometown Evolution, Inc. now imports large quantities of merchandise to our warehouse in West Chester, PA.  I think what makes us work well is our devotion to our customers and our quick response time to questions and concerns. The customer is our top priority. Your happiness = our happiness. 

Evolve with us! 

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