Commercial String Lights For Outdoors You’ve seen the lighting along the perimeter of your favorite store or coffee shop. You want it, we have it. Commercial Light Strings are the perfect choice for permanent applications on restaurants, building outlines, parks, and patio lighting. Aside from making the overall environment visually captivating, commercial grade string lights are a great way to allure your customers into visiting your place of business repeatedly. Proper lighting plays a great
Glass Star Lights For Outdoors You are sure to love the warm glow with these eye-catching hanging glass star lights. You can add an illuminating statement to your backyard or porch, add them to your wedding day to make it really shine, or show off your stars at a holiday party. Our Moravian glass star lights are handcrafted in Mexico by artisans with an attention to detail and quality. Each glass star light is handcrafted,
Glass Star Lights
Best Christmas Lights Decoration With Christmas only a couple of days away, you may be stressing over all your last minute decorations. Here are a few quick and easy ideas that’ll leave you with enough time for all your last-minute shopping. Candle decorations can go a long way. You can make your own floating candles by filling up a few glasses with water, placing a few twigs of holly or rosemary into it, and then
Best Paper Lantern Options These beautiful paper lanterns create the perfect ambiance for any room or outdoor setting. We have a wide range of colors and sizes, so that you can design a theme for your party. Are you having a baby shower? Check out the light pink paper lanterns. Getting ready for a Halloween bash? Use our orange and black paper lanterns to add a spooky glow to your party! You’re in charge, go
Paper Lantern
Warm White String Lights We have a few tricks of our own when it comes to warming up after a long day: Creating a cozy indoor environment with the help of some of our favorite lighting products. A toasty place to call home and put your feet up after a long, cold day is so essential, and with the application of the right lighting and colors you can enhance the comfort of your abode. Our