Best LED Fairy Lights The great outdoors and our LED Fairy Light sets are a match made in heaven! We have them available in waterproof battery-powered versions. These battery-powered sets are the perfect colorful lighting solution for those hard-to-reach spaces! They will also keep your space free of unsightly wires. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few examples of creative and fun ways to use Fairy Lights. 1. LED Fairy Lights for Outdoor Gardens
Best Outdoor String Lights The winter chills will be subsiding before you know it! Preparing to spend more time outdoors is always exciting. If you’ve been searching for outdoor lighting products that will create a pleasant mood, we are here to help. This blog entry is here to showcase unique outside hanging vintage lights for your backyard, garden, balcony canopy gazebo, festival and more. These are our top five bright ideas for outdoor lighting this
1. LED Color-Changing Bulbs Our LED Color Changing Bulb features 16 vibrant colors perfect for an eye catching accent light. You can set to hold one color or cycle between all colors with four different speed modes- flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. The remote control, color-changing LED bulb is becoming one of the hottest products out there! It is effortless to adjust settings with the included wireless remote control and change color, speed, or brightness. Our