Paper Star Lights For Any Environment Hang out under the stars with our hanging paper star lights. They offer the perfect addition to your bedroom or dorm, and they pair perfectly with the budget of a college student. Starting as low as $12.90 for our paper star light set, you’ll transform your room into the hang out den that all of your friends will enjoy. These hanging paper star lights work amazingly as night lights
Small Paper Lanterns With Maximum Brightness With the holidays officially here, hopefully you already have your globe string lights magically lighting up your yard. Upgrade your Hanukkah decorations with some blue and G50 white pearl globe bulbs that you can reuse year after year. Mix and match your Christmas bulbs with our green and red globe lights. Santa and his reindeer won’t have any trouble finding your chimney when your house can be seen from the
Small Paper Lanterns With Maximum Brightness The unique way in which these paper star lights illuminate the light is as unique as the paper star lights themselves. For indoor parties you can hang them from your living room ceiling to admire the way the small beams of light reflect on the surrounding walls. For outdoor parties you can suspend these paper star lamps from your outdoor dining area or fence post to create a beautiful
Small Paper Lanterns With Maximum Brightness These lights are amazing. Here are some reasons why. Affordable – These lights are as low as $11.95. The less you spend on lighting, the more you’ll have for other party favors like booze balloons. These small paper lanterns create a warm, romantic glow and beautiful ambiance for a small price. Safe – Mini string lanterns are a safe alternative to candle lanterns because they don’t have the risk of fire.
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September 18, 2019

Light Up Your Wedding

How To Use Paper Lanterns For Weddings At Hometown Evolution, we like setting the mood. Whether you hang our globe string lights to enjoy each evening in your backyard, or set up paper lanterns at your next party, our lighting is sure to create the ambiance that will make all your guests feel welcome – and maybe even a little envious! As a popular choice for brides, our globe string lights and paper lanterns have quickly
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