Transforming Your Patio

The weather is finally just right for spending quality time in the shade under your patio! String lighting has become the go-to product for decorative lighting of patios and other outdoor spaces. We are excited to showcase some of our latest designs and inspirations this summer. read more »

BBQ Lighting for the Summer

The magical summer season is fast approaching. It is time at last to get outside and soak up the sun. When the warm and bright summer sun sets we have the products to keep your outdoor area well-lit for your get-together. This blog will feature our wide array of outdoor lighting products as well as some creative ways to use them. Outdoor lighting inspirations are our specialty, and we are excited to help you set the mood for another summer season! read more »

Hanging Stars

Hanging star lights are a Hometown Evolution signature product! Over the years we have developed our own brand of glass and tin star lights inspired by the traditional Moravian hanging stars and our own brand of paper star lanterns. Our infatuation with star lamps has motivated us to provide the newest, most intriguing designs to anyone with an appreciation for unique lighting products. This blog post will focus on our varieties of star lights and also on creative ways to use them. read more »

Five Ways to use LED Fairy Lights Outdoors

If a space is important to you, the lighting has to be just right. Whether it is an indoor space or an outdoor one we here at Hometown Evolution are dedicated to helping you achieve the lighting of your dreams! In this blog we would like to focus on outdoor lighting. Though our LED Fairy Lights have become unbelievably popular, we get so many questions from clients regarding imaginative ways that they can be used outdoors. We are excited to share a few of our favorite ways they can be used. read more »

Going Green this Spring

Spring is in the air and so are our string lights! Outdoor string lighting is iconic and stylish, but can unfortunately require heavy energy consumption. We Looking for an opportunity to diminish your carbon footprint? We certainly have been. We specialize in the conservation of energy while brilliantly lighting your outdoor space. Our LED lighting products will provide you with beautiful and unique light while contributing to our sustainability. read more »

Colorful Lighting for Spring

The cold winter season is finally drawing to a close. This means the colorful season of spring is only days away. When spring is in the air that can mean only one thing: more quality time outside! If you’ve had outdoor lighting in mind for this season, you’ve come to the right place. Hometown Evolution is here to inspire you this spring. read more »

Home Bar Lighting

Designing a personalized home bar has become a popular concept among do-it-yourselfers with the extra indoor space. A bar is the ideal spot for your dinner guests to convene while you finish preparing the meal. It would also be the go-to space for a more casual hangout with friends or family! Once you’ve designed and completed construction on your new bar, you’ll need to light it up! We’re here to help you plan your home bar lighting! read more »

Five Tips for Lighting Up Your Next Event

Planning an event can become a situation filled with pressure. Having a reliable source can make the difference between a frantic time-sensitive process and trusting that you are in good hands. read more »

Setting the Mood for Valentine’s Day

Looking to create a romantic environment to share with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! No fireplace and no bear-skin rug? No problem! We have everything you need to set the mood this Valentine’s Day and impress you’re not-so-secret admirer. read more »

Ten Ways to Create the Boho Chic Bedroom of your Dreams

Boho-chic fashion and design has been hot since the 1960s. We have all witnessed this trend in the way that people dress and the way that people decorate their living spaces, but where does this phenomenal fad come from, and why does it stick around? read more »
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