Our Interior Inspirations

Hometown Evolution is a one-stop-shop for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Our inventory is constantly growing and it runs the gamut from handcrafted Mexican Tin Stars to Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights. We are also at the forefront of energy-efficient decorative lighting. If your outdoor patio spaces are already decked-out with our classic string lighting products, why not give us a shot for your indoor spaces? read more »

Hometown’s Autumn Atmosphere

Our favorite season is rapidly approaching! We can already see leaves changing colors and beginning to fall off of the trees here in the Philadelphia area. Outdoor gatherings during this time of year are a must for family and friends. If lighting is on your budget and on your radar for this year’s bonfire we have just the products for you! read more »

Hometown on Pinterest

Social media networks are one of our favorite methods of sharing our company’s products with the world! Pinterest in particular has been one of our favorites for years. Our products are always cutting-edge, eye-catching and just plain pretty, so Pinterest is the ideal social network for our products to get the attention of lighting enthusiasts like you! read more »

Solar-Powered Garden Lights

Energy-efficiency has become a focal point in the lighting industry. Solar-powered lighting products are the new wave in both sustainability and in convenience. This is a true breakthrough in outdoor lighting technology. We are so happy to introduce our new line of solar-powered garden LED lights! read more »

Lighting it up on Summer Nights

Our favorite time of year has arrived. The summertime in Pennsylvania is magnificent. The days are longer than ever, the forests are lusher than ever and our lights are brighter than ever. In this blog post we would like to showcase some of our best outdoor products. read more »

Our Top Five Indoor Products

LED Color-Changing Bulbs:LED technology has progressed, and the remote control, color-changing LED bulb is becoming one of the hottest products out there! Our L read more »

Your Party Lighting Headquarters

Hosting an event can easily become a huge commitment. Coordinating, decorating and working with your guest list are just a few aspects of your upcoming event must be kept track of. An important element of your mood and design for the evening is lighting. Hometown Evolution is here to help plan your event lighting and avoid any unnecessary burden. read more »

Happy Holidays from Hometown!

Here at Hometown Evolution, the holiday season is very important to us. 2017 has come and gone and we could not be more excited to have another successful year under our belt! We determine our success by the feedback from our customers and looking back this year has been one of our most satisfying. We would like to take the opportunity with our latest blog post to extend our gratitude to all of our wonderful clients and customers that made this year such a success for us. We couldn’t have done it without you! read more »

Creating Your Autumn Atmosphere

The magical months of Autumn are upon us. Though the season has just begun we are already beginning to see the lush foliage gradually lose its green pigmentation. Southeastern Pennsylvania is where Hometown Evolution calls, well, home. For many of us who experience the full cycle of the four seasons fall is a very special time. This is the time to cherish every last moment of pleasant weather outdoors before the snow begins to fall. If you’ve had your eye on our lighting products and would like to get the most out of your favorite outdoor space in the coming months we have plenty of ideas that we would love to share with you in this blog post. read more »

Decking Out Your Dorm Room

The time has come yet again for students around the country to prepare for their autumn semester. Moving into student housing can be stressful, costly and complicated. After the dust has settled and moving is complete it is time to personalize your space and make it comfortable. Hometown Evolution is here to make your experience designing your living quarters effortless and affordable. read more »
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